Saturday, 21 December 2013

The College Girl Murders - Der Mönch mit der Peitsche (Alfred Vohrer, 1967)

A bizarre figure dressed in crimson is haunting the grounds of a private girls’ school, killing his victims with a whip. Could the lecherous, sweaty chemistry teacher be the culprit? Or is it the gardener (who used to be a circus performer)? The incessantly chewing Scotland Yard inspector Higgins is going to solve this mystery.

I loved the girls’ fashions: the big hair, the pointy bras,
 the vinyl coats and matching boots.
The College Girl Murders is very easy on the eyes - the sets are imaginative, the fashions - outrageous, even the film stock itself has that incredible saturated look which is not possible to achieve anymore. The night scenes set in a fog-enshrouded forest with lights placed strategically behind every tree blasting straight down the lens echo what Mario Bava was doing around the same time, minus the morbid overtones. The College Girls Murders rolls along swiftly, with lots of action and increasingly absurd twists. The final reveal and subsequent explanation is presented in a throwaway and instantly forgettable manner.

The cast of The College Girl Murders features lots of familiar faces, such as Ewa Stroemberg (sporting ridiculous glasses)of Vampyros Lesbos fame and Siegfried Rauch (Contamination). Higgins’ superior, Sir John, is played by Siegfried Schürenberg who would appear in a similar part in Jes Franco’s The Devil Came From Akasava (1971). You may also recognise the fresh and innocent-looking Uschi Glas from Lenzi's Seven Blood-Stained Orchids.
The College Girl Murders is excellent entertainment – fast, colourful and crazy enough to warrant a second viewing.


  1. Li recupero, ottima atmosfera 60's! Dopo i 60's di Corman o british, questi tedeschi vanno bene! Peccato che non ho mai letto Wallace!

  2. Non vale la pena leggere i romanzi di Wallace, sono scadenti. I produttori di quelli film tedeschi solo usavano il suo nome, cambiando quasi completamente i soggetti.


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